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ФГБОУ ВО «Ивановский государственный университет»
ПН-ПТ: с 9:15 до 16:00, СБ: 09:15-13:00 (график работы приемной комиссии с 12 августа 2021) перерыв с 12:15 до 12:45
+7 (800) 222-56-86 (ПН-ПТ: с 9:15 до 16:00, СБ: 09:15-13:00)

Facilities and resources of University

  • 9 academic buildings
  • a university library and reading-rooms
  • a sports complex
  • a sports health camp «Rubskoe Ozero» («The Rubskoe Lake»)
  • a health centre
  • computer centres and multimedia classrooms
  • educational and scientific laboratories
  • zoological and archaeological museums, the museum of «Writers of Ivanovo Region»
  • a botanical garden and a vivarium
  • Ivanovo State University has three comfortable dormitories located near the university buildings. The total number of places in them is 856. If you need a place in a dormitory please state this when applying for studies at IvSU. When entered, you need to send your dormitory documentation set to shabyshevmy@ivanovo.ac.ru. The set should include: an application, a copy of your passport and a medical insurance. Other documents can be asked to submit if needed. The fee can vary depending on the dormitory and starts at 500 RUB per month